Quality Management

We have established a quality management system in in accordance with ISO9001 system and we also have applied to the Certification Organization for approval.

The whole process including procurement, production, sales and other links strictly follows according to the ISO9001 system. We have formed a strict quality control system.

Raw materials are to be purchased from qualified sub-contractors and acceptance tests are to be conducted.

All raw materials, articles in process and finished products are to be identified with marks so as to guarantee their respective traceability.

Process control is to be strict and directed by relevant process, technological and operating documents.

Inspections of raw materials and intermediate raw materials are to be conducted at three levels, namely, the process, the workshop and the factory.

Inspections of articles in process, finished products and final finished products are to be conducted at three levels, namely, the process, the workshop and the factory.

Control point control is to be implemented for those key processes.

The Quality Inspection & Testing Center under the company is responsible for conducting inspections of purchased raw materials and its final products.

Strict control and supervision over the transportation, storage, packing, protection and delivery of products are available so as to guarantee the quality of products not being deteriorated.

The Quality Management Department is composed of QA department and QC department.

The Quality Control Center includes chemical analysis lab, microbe analysis lab, sample processing room, product keeping room and reference room.

There are full sets of analysis equipments such as HPLC, GC, UV/VIS spectrophotometer, moisture test apparatus, loft drier ect.