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Sep. 23, 2019

4-氨基苯乙酮4-aminoacetophenone99-92-34-(氨基甲基)环己烷羧酸Tranexamic acid701-54-2三萜ebericol6890-88-62-Amino-5-methylthiazole-4-carbo

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Sep. 02, 2019

我司促销产品 欢迎新老客户订购 价格优惠 !OurPromotional product list welcome to order !二羟基二氢吲哚 HBRDihydroxyindoline hbr138937-28-72-乙酰氨基-2-

OLED and LCD material in stock

Aug. 15, 2019

We have some of the list in stock ,and can make most of follow items on the basis of order .the assay can reach 99.8%min

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Aug. 06, 2019

2-噻吩乙酸2-Thiopheneacetic acid1918-77-0溶剂蓝 35Solvent Blue 3514233-37-53-丁烯-2-醇3-BUTEN-2-OL598-32-31,3-二氧戊环1,3-DIOXACYCLOPE


Aug. 05, 2019

1)High purity CBD crystal :99%mi and 99.99%min2) Full spectrum Hemp oil :40%CBD -80%CBD3)water-soluble CBD:10%CBDCannabi